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Natural Hair: An Infinite Season’s Beginning

This short film was created for a number of reasons: To serve as a letter of encouragement to anyone with the desire to “go natural” but for whatever reason struggled to go through with it. For those who’ve thought about giving up on their natural hair. And for everyone else who can relate in any way.

Growing up, I, myself couldn’t fathom the thought of being “natural” again after having chemically straightened hair for so long—undoubtedly falling in love with my silky smooth tresses. Like most of us, I was once very closed-minded about natural hair. But that all changed once my relaxed hair broke off so drastically due to a final dose of severe chemical damage. No one deserves to go through the misery and insecurity of having damaged, broken, unloved hair.

Depiction and symbolism help to tell this story through visual communication and representation.

That explains the doodles.

The title “Natural Hair: An Infinite Season’s Beginning” stands for the hope and belief that the positive effects of this hair trend and movement will last an endless season. Forever.

The title was also named in part after my name, which is African for ‘Season’s Beginning’.

The black ink represents the permanent stand in my belief as an African American female. The pen’s color represents the “blue person” I once was.

The bare white page symbolizes the raw and vulnerable platform on which I’ve exposed my thoughts and feelings to.

The mistakes represent that we all make mistakes with our hair, much less in our lives. The corrections symbolize that we learn from them.

My handwritten approach and signing stand for the genuine integrity of this letter.

My Season has finally begun.

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